Todays fail of the day:

“Ah, can you tell me where room 21 is?”

“Yes, you go left, two floors up, turn right, left, second right, get a ticket in the waiting room, go through the green hallway – the green one, not the red – enter the next waiting room, turn left, go over the bridge, go one floor down, turn left twice, follow the floor and enter the waiting room for questions concerning driving-licenses. There you ask, whether the room 21 is used. If it’s not, you need to get a ticket for vehicle registrations. Then you need to go to the first floor in sector two, where you can wait for your number being called. If the room 21 is used, you may wait in the first waiting room you entered.”

“Err … Thanks for the info.”

Why must agencies always be so complicated? I mean, they have bridges inside their buildings. Bridges! Or sectors! Who the fuck needs this?

Fail of the day #002

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