Enable ELAN touchpad while typing

So that new shiny lenovo N581 is nice and everything … but wait. I can’t play any game. What the …

The touchpad is disabled by default.

That’s nice if you type texts and stuff, but playing is impossible. Duck, aim, strafe and shoot – Not possible by default. So how do you enable the touchpad while typing? Some googling helped me to find the obvious: Try the driver-settings! (Not like I haven’t done it. Why should I?) The problem is the following: The setting isn’t there.

Here’s the solution: To see all the settings, you must open regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Elantech/SmartPadDisplay, there you can modify what you want to see. Setting the value of TouchPadRejection to 1 shows you one more option in the driver-settings. Play with it and see your result :D! (Don’t worry, you can’t destroy anything.)


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2 thoughts on “Enable ELAN touchpad while typing

  1. rangerdang3r says:

    Also a problem on HP machines. Mildly annoying, but I try not to play games with the touchpad.

  2. Lenovo G580 user from Poland says:

    Thank you!!

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